Face The Dracolich With D&D Heroes Thanks To Gale Force Nine

September 1, 2015 by brennon

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By now you'll probably have heard about the awesome Dracolich from Gale Force Nine for the Dungeons & Dragons Collectors Series but we haven't actually talked about it yet! You can see it below, from the Neverwinter MMORPG, curled around a ruin and ready to strike at your adventurers...

Deathly Dragons

I love the fact that you can still see the remnants of its original draconic heritage with the blue scales which I think is better than it just being a fully skeletal dragon.

Dracolich #1

I remember seeing this particular chap in the game and he wasn't the friendliest of monsters.

Dracolich #2

With them now completing work on the Dracolich and the Red Dragon also being a superb addition to their collection hopefully they will get the chance to work on some more Dragons. You can't have too many of them in your life, or on your mantlepiece.

Heroes Of Neverwinter

As well as the Dragon there are some heroes ready to take it on. See what you think of the Heroes of Neverwinter set which features all of the characters from the opening cinematic ready to strike at their foes and defend the city. They are also NPCs you can meet in the MMORPG.

Heroes Of Neverwinter

If you'd like to see them up close then see what you make of them below. I think my favourite has to be Makos the Tiefling Spellcaster.



Effectively here we have the golden four for your games of Dungeons & Dragons. A Wizard, Rogue, Fighter and Cleric all working together!



This could be a pretty fun group to run with if you wanted to do a higher level campaign, playing as these characters through an adventure based in the Forgotten Realms. Of course they would also make fantastic additions to a gamers collection for other tabletop games too.

What do you think of these most recent sets?

"I think my favourite has to be Makos the Tiefling Spellcaster..."

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