Gale Force Nine Bring You A D&D Half-Shade Paladin

December 20, 2013 by brennon

The Dungeons & Dragons Collectors Series is continuing well with another model on the way, Vasen Cale the Half-Shade Paladin. See what you think of this strange wanderer from Gale Force Nine...

Vasen Cale - Half-Shade Paladin (Front)

Vasen Cale - Half-Shade Paladin (Rear)

And now for the blurb...

"Paladin Vasen Cale is doomed to straddle the worlds of light and shadow. While Loyal to the god of the sun, Amaunator, Vasen cannot deny his heritage as the son of Erevis Cale, shade assassin and Chosen of Mask, the god of shadows. The day has come when Vasen must assume his role in the Sundering. He knows not what that role will be, only what his father tells him in dreams: do not fail."

...sounds like the perfect NPC or if you like the idea of playing one of these creatures then you could always use him as such. As it stands he is part of the ongoing Sundering series for The Forgotten Realms.

I prefer the darker version as Erevis Cale, I think he looks better than the lunging shield stance.

What do you think?

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