Gale Force Nine Preview More From D&D Collectors Series

February 27, 2014 by brennon

Gale Force Nine have a whole load more models for you to drool over for the Dungeons & Dragons Collectors Series. See what you think of the different sets below that range from the dark pacts of Warlocks to the Noble echelons of Baldur's Gate society...

Farideh, Tiefling Warlock

Creatures of Icewind Dale

First up we have Farideh the Tiefling Warlock who is presented alongside Locan who she has formed a demonic pact with. They are both very cool miniatures although I would say Farideh pips it as the better of the two.

The Creatures of Icewind Dale are also quite the pair making every cave on the side of the mountains a dangerous place to stop and rest. In this case the better of the two is that rather spindly Ice Troll.

Beneath Baldur's Gate

Murder in Baldur's Gate

You can also delve deep with this pair of packs for Beneath Baldur's Gate and Murder in Baldur's Gate. The first set did at first remind me of all those first time quests you end up hunting rats beneath the city but then when I realised just what kind of rats, I think the quest ramped up to paragon level. It's a very cool set and possibly the best of the four.

Last but not least is a set of murderous Noblemen who are all out to prove they are the rightful lord of all they survey. The lure of power can be very tempting indeed especially with Bhaal around.

Which set would you snap up?

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