The Ground Shakes Before GF9’s New D&D Storm Giant! [Updated]

August 1, 2016 by brennon

The folks at Gale Force Nine have outdone themselves once again with this masterful piece for their Dungeons & Dragons Collector's Series. See what you think of the titanic Storm


This is a massive model and as you'll see by the back of the box it comes in nine different parts. I think that the paint scheme here really adds something to the appreciation of the model.


I mean just look at how massive this thing is! Some have found the sword a bit wonky but I think it's looking epic. Three Giants are on the way; Storm, Frost and Fire. The Storm Giant is out in August with the other two coming out in September and October.

Storm Giant #1

"Storm giants are contemplative seers that live in places far removed from mortal civilisation. Most have pale pmple-graey skin and hair, and glittering emerald eyes. Some rare storm giants are violet-skinned, with deep violet or blue-black hair and silvery grey or purple eyes.

They are benevolent and wise unless angered, in response to which the fury of a storm giant can affect the fate of thousands."

Storm Giant #2

Well, there you go. If you were fed up of too many small projects this could very easily become your next painting task for the whole year. The model is just insane!

Storm Giant #3

I really like the style of the armour with the waves to it and the big helmet with that crest which dominates the model.

The Painted Details

Gale Force Nine sent us through some more images of the Storm Giant with a lick of paint on it. What do you think?


I didn't even notice the little details around the shield arm as we take a look at it more closely. Also, look how the 'Greek' style armour has come across with an almost ancient feel to it.


Last not not least we take a look at the face of this mighty warrior and his flowing beard.


The beard actually looks like the elements themselves; linking the warrior back into the natural world. He is going to be one hell of a warrior to shift!

This is all without mentioning the massive shield and all of it's details!

Would you take on this project?

"They are benevolent and wise unless angered, in response to which the fury of a storm giant can affect the fate of thousands..."

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