Penny Arcade Gains New Party Member For PAX D&D Game!

March 25, 2014 by brennon

Every year one of the neatest geek events on the calender is the PAX East Dungeons & Dragons game and since Wil Wheaton's Aeofel went off to pursue his own business interests they have had a guest join them. This year Morgan Webb of X-Play fame will be the newest intern...


Few details have come out about her character but she will be playing Môrgæn who looks to be an Elf Ranger if I'm not mistaken. The Penny Arcade guys have also said that this year is going to be a much more intimate affair which focuses more on the actual game of D&D being played. I for one welcome that.

The game is only a month or so away on the weekend of April 11th to 13th so keep an eye out for the livestream!

What character would you play if you were to join them?

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