Scope Out More Heroes For D&D: Arena Of War

July 2, 2013 by brennon

Dungeons & Dragons: Arena of War is still on the horizon and they have been showing off some of the classes you can use as your doing a bit of dungeon crawling...

Dragonborn Sorcerer

Half-Elf Ranger

Human Cleric

Tiefling Rogue

As you can see you appear to have both a female and male version of each race and class combination so it's good to have a little bit of customisation to make you feel a bit unique. Also I think most people will be happy that this is coming to iDevices and Android platforms!

With it being an Android game maybe we'll also see this appear on the Ouya, the new console for trying out a whole raft of smaller games.

It'll be interesting to see some gameplay footage and I can't imagine that's too far away now.

Do you think you'll be downloading?

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