D&D Tomb Of Annihilation Models + Xanathar Spells Coming Soon From GF9

October 4, 2017 by brennon

We've now got a better look at some of the Dungeons & Dragons models coming out for Tomb Of Annihilation thanks to Gale Force Nine. Kicking things off we have the Lich known as Acererack for you to contend with on your travels.

Acererak The Lich

As always with this line-up of miniatures, the selection comes in high-quality resin and is limited in number. Acererak is looking rather awesome here and I love the cloud of spirits brewing up around him as he wields his magic power.

Next up we have someone equally as dark and dangerous with Ras Nsi.

Ras Nsi

You may recognise him from our last news story on this line of miniatures. Now, he is joined by plenty of friends as interesting characters to throw into the mix as you're playing through the adventures and encounters from this new book.

On the side of utter mayhem, we also have the Batiri Goblin Totem.

Batiri Goblin Totem

The Goblins from the depths of the jungles are wild and dangerous, broken up into different tribes and all serving a Queen at the centre of their hierarchy. They adorn themselves in as many bones, totems, fetishes and those wild masks to make themselves look as dangerous as possible.

Last but not least for the Tomb of Annihilation we have the Chultan Dinosaur Warrior who might end up coming to your aid if you're lucky.

Chultan Dinosaur Warrior

Whilst the dinosaurs of the land are dangerous foes some of the bravest warriors have managed to tame these beasts. Now they are used as pack animals and war mounts when the time calls for it. It would be neat to use one of these as a potential ally as you're ranging through the jungle.

Xanathar Spells

As well as these models Gale Force Nine are going to be supporting the release of Xanathar's Guide To Everything with a Spell Deck!


Inside the book, you'll find ninety-five new spells for you to get your head around and so Gale Force Nine is making it a little easier for you with spell cards for every single one of them.



So, now instead of being a grumpy Beholder having to flip through your books, you can have the cards you need at your side when you need to know the information immediately. I suppose you could count the casting time as instant rather than over a couple of rounds by adding these into the mix?

Will you be grabbing some D&D goodies?

"Gale Force Nine are going to be supporting the release of Xanathar's Guide To Everything with a Spell Deck!"

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