A Tyranny Of Dungeons & Dragons Coming This Summer

January 24, 2014 by brennon

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The new edition of Dungeons & Dragons is coming this summer, the 5th Edition of the role-playing game. This weekend in fact marks the anniversary of the game! At the heart of this new edition is an epic new adventure, Tyranny of Dragons.


Temple of Tiamat

The adventure will centre around the dragon god, Tiamat who has taken to her temple and is spreading fear and destruction across the land. Players will be taking on a mass of dragons led by the God in a pretty epic struggle.

Of course what form this will take is  ever changing. I imagine we'll be seeing the storyline pop up in books, board games, role-playing modules and more. I like that at the heart of it this really 'is' Dungeons & Dragons. Heroes fighting against...well, dragons!

This is all set within the world of Forgotten Realms so I would imagine this is going to be the main setting for D&D 5th Edition.

I can't wait for the new edition!

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