A Valiant Paladin & Deadly Behir For The D&D Collector’s Series!

June 25, 2014 by brennon

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The D&D Collector's Series has added two more miniatures to its repertoire with both a deadly looking Behir and the Human Paladin Kleef Kenric who could no doubt pit himself against said beast!

Behir (Front)

Behir (Rear)

First off this Behir looks absolutely amazing. I think this is possibly one of the coolest looking sculpts I've seen from this range and I now want to make sure I include as many of these in my D&D games as possible. I love the scaled armour that would come out amazingly with a good wash. I would love to see what Romain did with this!

Kleef Kenric (Front)

Kleef Kenric (Rear)

As well as the Behir we have a hero worthy of taking it on on Kleef Kenric the Human paladin. I don't think Malik is quite as good on the whole 'fighting evil' thing but as long as Kleef is there it should be fine. I don't mind the stance, running into combat, but this might have been one of the few times where I would have preferred it to look like the art and been static. What do you think about that?

Have you ever picked up a set from this series?

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