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Durgin’s Blue Coat Admiral Casts His Steely Gaze Over You!


Durgin Paint Forge continue exploring the characters from their Second Government Of Inneath collection with the hardy and dangerous looking Blue Coat Admiral.

Durgin Paint Forge Show Off Dashing Bluecoat Captain


Following on from Durgin Paint Forge’s preview of the Bluecoat Explorer we have another miniature for this dashing set of human adventurers. Here is the Bluecoat Captain!

Durgin Work With Community On Bluecoat Explorer Hero


Durgin Paint Forge shared one of their Human characters recently on social media, the Bluecoat Explorer!

The MkII: Gunner Takes Shape For Durgin Paint Forge’s Collection


Durgin Paint Forge continues to show off some impressive models from their growing collection with the MkII Gunner being one of the latest preview renders.

Grab Durgin Paint Forge’s Ikari Of Fire During Their Pledge Manager


Durgin Paint Forge is holding a Pledge Manager Event for you to get your hands on some cool new miniatures from them including this fantastic Ikari Of Fire.

The Female Inventor Tinkers Away With Durgin Paint Forge


This little lady Dwarf, the Female Inventor, was created by Durgin Paint Forge as part of their last Kickstarter campaign and shows off a cheeky lady who has created quite the little marvel.

The Lovely Dwarven Tallya Joins The Iron Crows Of Kazhuk Izril


To quote a community member, there’s still 2 weeks to get in on some of the “dwarfiest dwarfs to ever dwarf,” with The Iron Crows of Kazhuk Izril and Other Dwarf Miniataures Kickstarter from Durgin Paint Forge. Have a look at the lovely, dwarven Tallya they’ve added to the mix.

Weekender XLBS: The Daring Raid Of St Nazaire & What’s Next For Warlord Games?


We’re back for our Backstage chat
as we delve into the world
of tabletop gaming
once more on
The Weekender XLBS.

The Iron Crows Of Durgin Paint Forge Are Live & Funded On Kickstarter


Some of the dwarfiest dwarves have arrived on Kickstarter today from Durgin Paint Forge. The Iron Crows And Other Dwarves Of Kazhuk Izril is live and funded already, full of fantastic dwarves to add to your fantasy collection.

Durgin Paint Forge Shows Off Dwarven 3D Prints For Upcoming KS


Your collection of dwarves is about to get bigger, or at least grow in number! Durgin Paint Forge is showing off some of the 3D prints for their upcoming, Iron Crows and Other Dwarves of Kazhuk Izril Kickstater that launches on March 20th.

The Iron Crows Of Kazhuk Izril Kickstarter To Launch March 20th


The Iron Crows and Other Dwarves Of Kazhuk Izril will be taking to Kickstarter on March 20th. Get ready for some fantastic 32mm dwarves to add to your collection!

The Iron Crows Are Bringing Classic Dwarves To Kickstarter This Spring


Dwarves are on their way to Kickstarter this May from Durgin Paint Forge. The Iron Crows will be taking to Kickstarter with all the dwarven beards they can muster to add wonderful characters to your collection.

Durgin’s Paint Forge Travel With The Hunter Of Erdraz


Another wonderful Dwarven character has taken shape from the folks at Durgin’s Paint Forge. This time, they’re heading out to bring down big beasts with the Hunter of Erdraz.

Durgin Paint Forge Comes Up With A Stunning Dwarf Veteran


Durgin Paint Forge have shown off one of the models that has been coming to life on their computer screen. Here we have the Iron Crow Veteran.

“That, My Lad…Was A Dragon” Kickstarter Is a Stunning Must Have


You Elven army will never look more impressive than when they charge into battle with their fearless leader atop this massive dragon! Durgin Paint Forge has launched a really impressive Kickstarter, their “That, my lad…is a Dragon” project.