Durgin Paint Forge Shows Off Dwarven 3D Prints For Upcoming KS

March 7, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

The Iron Crows and Other Dwarves of Kazhuk Izril are getting ready to head to Kickstarter this month, and they are looking FANTASTIC!

DPF 3d print5

Durgin Paint Forge was very excited to show off some 3D prints of the characterful dwarves included in the project. Anyone that loves their dwarves (ahem! Ben), will be all in on these guys.

DPF galarr3

On top of 3D prints, they're also ready to show off the latest sculpt for The Great Master Galarr, riding into battle on his trusty battle boar.

DPF Galarr1

DPF galarr2

I love how they've managed to pack so much detail into these fearsome warriors. These dwarves will be a great addition to any fantasy collection, whether you are planning to use them to game with, or simply want to proudly paint them up for your shelves.

DPF 3d print1

DPF 3d print4

DPF 3dprint 2

The Iron Crows will hit Kickstarter on March 20th.

What do you think of these characterful dwarves?

"The Iron Crows will hit Kickstarter on March 20th..."

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