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September 25, 2017 by stvitusdancern

DUST 1947 the latest iteration of DUST the miniatures game has been coming on like gangbusters.  We saw them at Adepticon and Gen Con this year with their own stands and I know they are going to the other big conventions as well. We have seen their audience growing in numbers and players have been returning to the game which makes me happy.

A big part of that has been the establishment of DUST USA the partner to DUST Studios who have taken on the challenge to bring this great game to the masses here in the USA. Alicia and Gregoire Boisbelaud have taken on the tremendous task of rebuilding this game here in the states after some past issues.

They have built a strong presence and continue to come up with new and inventive ways to bring the game to the next level. They went and commissioned an app to be created that helped build army lists, DUST ENLIST is the result and right now there is an Alpha version available in the Google Play store for free (iOS coming soon).

Can I say for an alpha version it is pretty polished? The artwork is right there with the art in the latest rulebook and the transitions from screen to screen are very smooth.  Each screen looks like it came right out of the book and is easy to navigate.

What I find impressive is every and I mean every unit is here. Old ones and new ones alike. My only concern to this point is how often will this app be updated as new units become available and will it remain free? I spoke to Greg and he assures me that the app will, in fact, remain free and will be updated when new units come out.

Always great to see a company supporting their game with accessories to help the player actually play the game and take some of the tedious bookkeeping out of it.

There are all of the unit cards here as well so, if you have this on your tablet you do not have to worry about carrying the cards with you and potentially losing or damaging them.

All the units are nicely laid out in a list format that is visual as well to just naming the units so you be sure you are picking the right one. List creation could not be easier you as you just click the one you want and it is put into your army list.

When you hold click on a particular unit you get their stat card and all the info is right there.

Not sure what one of the units special ability is? Just click on the box containing the word and another box will pop up and give you an explanation of that ability.

Once you have completed your list building you now have your army ready to play. You get them on one screen and are ready to click on to get their stat cards during gameplay.

All in all, this is a great app and seems to work very well even in the alpha stage.  It is already well polished and runs pretty smoothly and will definitely be a big help to any DUST 1947 player. If you haven't given DUST 1947 try I highly recommend it. Whether you play the grid format or the freestyle you will like this game.

Do you like the use of apps to help with gameplay?

"All in all, this is a great app and seems to work very well even in the alpha stage..."

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