The Allies Of DUST Get Some Heavy Duty Kit!

July 26, 2013 by brennon

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Gale Force Nine are continuing their previews of DUST with an additional piece of mechanical kit for the Allies. Check out the Heavy Assault Walker 'Six Shooter/Bulldog' which is going to be a bit of a pain to shift I think!

The Six Shooter - Bulldog (Front)

The Six Shooter - Bulldog (Rear)

"The versatile Heavy Destroyer Walker is quickly becoming the staple of Allied armored forces worldwide. This box contains one heavy walker that can be configured into two variants. The M5-A is exceptionally suited to detroying enemy armor units, while the M5-B is equipped with a massive 180W Phaser Gun, the most powerful weapon of its kind."

It truly is a nice bit of kit and you could always use this kind of vehicle in a variety of other games too. I do like the massive vehicles in DUST and the options you get for them are neat too.

It's nice to see that just a simple lick of paint can make it look ace.

Will this join your faction on the tabletop?

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