Comrade Fantasy Flight Unleashes the Russian Red Tide

May 15, 2012 by dracs

Fantasy Flight have now released the new campaign expansion Operation Zverograd, bringing the forces of the Sino-Soviet Union to the battlefields of DUST.

DUST - Operation Zverograd

This new campaign will introduce players to the Sino-Soviet forces in the city of Zverograd as they face the Axis arriving from the South and West, and the Allies in the East. Will you step up to defend Mother Russia?

Along with the new campaign Fantasy Flight have released the first expansion sets to get you fielding an army of hardy Russians.

DUST - SSU Command Squad

DUST - SSU Close Combat Squad

DUST - SSU Battle Squad

Most exciting of all is the first airborne unit in the game of DUST Tactics, the SSU Airborne Transport.

DUST - SSU Airborne Transport

Rules introducing the use of aircraft can be found in Operation Zverograd and should offer players whole new tactical elements to draw upon and deal with.

All in all definitely the start of a mighty force, ready to take on the world.

DUST - Red Invasion

Do any of you fancy playing as the Russian forces? Any of you DUST Tactic players like the sound of airborne units?

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