Control the Skies in DUST Tactics Operation Icarus

October 12, 2012 by dracs

Fantasy Flight have announced a new addition to DUST Tactics to bring down death from above as you compete for control of the skies. Get ready to take off and seek victory in Operation Icarus.

Dust Tactics - Operation Icarus

The Allies possess the largest air fleet on the planet. In the skies, their power is currently unmatched, and they know they have to maintain this supremacy in order to achieve global victory. However, in Zverograd, SSU attack helicopters harass ground troops, and new Axis jets cruise the skies. Each bloc realizes the importance of seizing the skies, so as the Allies prepare for their raids against Zverograd’s airfield, they’re bringing their best soldiers, toughest walkers, and deadliest new aircraft.

Dust Tactics - Operation Icarus Airfield

Building upon the exploration of Zverograd started in Operation Hades (wow DUST Tactics really likes classical mythology doesn't it?), Operation Icarus provides whole new scenarios and details, as well as characters and miniatures.

Dust Tactics - Operation Icarus Helecopters

Dust Tactics - Operation Icarus Sgt Victory

The focus upon the inclusion of aerial combat in scenarios really opens up a new dimension of gameplay, making Operation Icarus a great way to bring new life to your games of DUST Tactics.

Will any of you be taking off into the skies of Zverograd?

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