DUST: Operation Babylon Kickstarter Is Live!

May 20, 2014 by brennon

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The DUST: Operation Babylon Kickstarter has now gone live and you can check out all the kinds of awesome pledges, miniatures and things in between that will be enhancing your weird world war wargaming! I know a lot of people are really into DUST at the moment and we love the look of it too, especially Warren and Lloyd!

Dust-Operation-Babylon-logoHere's a snippet of what we knew last week...

"Operation Babylon will bring the war to the deserts of the Middle East, introducing the Dust equivalents of real historical forces like the Afrikakorps, Spetsnaz and United States Marine Corps, all combined with the excitement of classic action-adventure fiction.

Dust Studio are working with Battlefront to bring this project to completion. Battlefront will handle the fulfillment of the pledges, shipping the rewards to backers through their worldwide distribution network."

...and now it's finally here!



From the Kickstarter...

"Operation Babylon thrusts Rommel, The Desert Fox, and his Neue Deutches Afrikakorps (NDAK), the New German Africa Corps, into the cradle of civilisation in central Iraq. Their mission is to secure the region around the ancient city of Babylon so that Blutkreuz Korps archaeologists and scientists can unearth the alien power source.

To do so, they must defeat the elite 4th Marine Division of the United States Marine Corps. Unaware of the true reason for the Axis invasion and still recovering from their ordeal in the battle for Zverograd, the Marines nonetheless react quickly and forcefully, attacking NDAK forces wherever they are found.

Meanwhile, the Spetsnaz special forces of the Sino-Soviet Union (SSU) raid both sides, intent on setting the region ablaze. Once they learn of the Axis plans, they join the race to locate and control the alien power source."


Allied Army Deal

Axis Army Deal

SSU Army Deal

Above are some of the basic pledges for both armies and the book itself (alongside some scenario based goodies!) for DUST: Operation Babylon. I do like the distressed look of the book and the tiles and such should be an awesome environment to fight across.

Taskforce Commander

This is probably the sweet spot however giving you access to the different armies and the campaign book at the same time. If you want to be a Taskforce Commander then this is your one stop shop.

Quiet Jack

Ivan the Butcher

The Desert Fox

You also have some cool special characters to pick up as well as the main armies and these can be added to your pledge. As much as I like the Allied and the Axis the badass Ivan the Butcher is clearly the most awesome of these characters.

Go check it out!

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