Dust Tactics Community Webzine is Up and Running

August 1, 2012 by dracs

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Are you a fan of either Dust Tactics or Dust Warfare, Fantasy Flight's games of alternative WW2 carnage? Well why not check out Dust Chronicles, the new community webzine dedicated to all things Dust!

Dust Chronicles Issue 1

With everything from interviews to fan fiction, and even modelling tips, this certainly looks to be a must have for any die hard Dust fan.

Dust Chronicles Modeling Ruins

Dust Chronicles Task Force

I have to say that as a rule I am impressed by this. The lay out of the magazine is eye catching and it is full of really interesting and useful content, such as how to make a nice urban style base for your miniatures, or some initial tips for getting a decent paint job on your miniatures. It also seems to strike a nice balance of covering both Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare, with battle reports for both of these games.

Dust Chronicles Dust Tactics

Dust Chronicles Painting SSU Infantry

With the inclusion of fan fiction and battle reports, there is sure to be something to appeal to any gamer, from the hard core to those looking for a more narrative gaming experience. Such content also opens the magazine up to more of a community focus. Speaking of which now might be your chance to get involved with your favourite game as Dust Chronicles are looking for submissions.

Dust Chronicles Issue Submissions

So now is the time for you to get sorting out some battle reports and writing some exciting fiction to get out in the next issue.

Head on over to Dust Chronicles now and download your issue of what I think is looking to be a very promising magazine.

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