DUST’s Steel Guard Begin Their Campaign Of Silent Death

July 10, 2013 by brennon

Gale Force Nine have another awesome preview of an upcoming set for the resurgence of the DUST line. Check out these Steel Guard nicknamed Silent Death by their enemies and comrades alike...

Silent Death Steel Guards Sniper Team (Front)

Silent Death Steel Guards Sniper Team (Rear)

The Steel Guard are, as you know from the last story on them, crippled veterans who have been sent back into the field thanks to these mechanical suits. They have also been gifted with these awesome 20mm sniper rifles that would turn infantry into clouds of mist and even threaten the side of a tank.

I can just imagine an alternative weird world war take on Enemy at the Gates where these guys were involved. I don't think the German fellow would have stood much of a chance.

Will they be joining your Russian army?

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