Enter The DUST Battlefield In Style With Koshka’s Smersh KV-47

June 27, 2014 by brennon

Some new walkers for DUST Tactics and Battlefield won't be entering the battlefield by land or by sea. These walkers are going to be hitting the ground from the air in some rather awesome weird world war looking drop pods! See what you think of Koshka's Smersh KV-47!


This is the make up of said infiltration from the sky and yes those are walkers dropping in from the skies not people. If you want to check out the rules for them then you can download the PDF via the link above. But 'how they get down?' I hear you say. Like this...

Koshka's Smersh KV-47 Halo Drop Pod

Drop Pod #1Drop Pod #2Drop Pod #3

Drop Pod #4

So as you can see it's very cool indeed and well worth checking out I'd say as an alternative tactic when assaulting the enemy. I do like the walkers for DUST and having a different way of dropping them into the fight is very neat.

A KV-47A, KV-47B, or KV-47C walker in or supporting Koshka’s Smersh KV-47 Platoon is never placed on table at the start of the game. Instead, on the first turn, or if it is in Reserve, when it would normally arrive, it is placed anywhere on the table. The walker’s first Action must be a Nothing Action. The player then rolls a die. On a  (Symbol) or (Target), the player may choose its second Action. On a (Sheild), the walker must perform a second Nothing Action. The walker may not capture Objectives on the turn it is placed.

Will you be adding these to your force?

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