Fantasy Flight Bring Heavy Armour to the Wars of DUST

September 13, 2012 by brennon

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DUST is getting two new heavy vehicles from the foundries of Fantasy Flight Games. Check out these mighty walkers for both the Axis and the SSU ready to take to the field and cause some serious damage...



First up are the Prinzluther and Sturmprinz, Axis armoured transports for taking you into the very heart of the firefight. The Prinzluther is a mainstay command unit which can be used to make sure orders are relaid safely in the heart of a battle. The Sturmprinz is an evolution of this earlier design allowing you to unleash a little more firepower at those oncoming Allies.

KV-3 M “Babushka”

KV-3 K “Matrioshka”

Next up are the bi-pedal SSU vehicles, the Babushka and the Matrioshka. The first is a master at taking on infantry and light armour thanks to its rapid fire machine guns. The Matrioshka on the other hand continues this theme of evolution, turning the walker into a tank-killing machine. I would certainly not like to be facing one of those on the battlefield.

Will you be grabbing one of these sets to add into your DUST army?

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