Fear the Dark in DUST Tactics: Operation Hades

September 27, 2012 by brennon

Fantasy Flight's battle is going underground with DUST Tactics: Operation Hades. Check out the Rules Preview for this new expansion to the game where the metros and sewers of Stalingrad and Zverograd become the battleground...

Operation Hades Box Art

Operation Hades introduces the conflicts fought in darkness beneath the city. Soldiers must leave behind their large mechs and jump troopers and enter a world where ambush and assassination is only a few steps away. As well as this the expansion introduces rules for lighting and shadows, casting an air of mystery over the proceedings.

Gorillas Underground

Dark Tunnels

There are also rules for Tense Combat where reactive fire is always on. This is to simulate the nervous conditions beneath the ground where the enemy could be behind every corner. This is applied to both forces dueling beneath the city so prepare yourself!

This is all very reminiscent of the game Metro 2033 and that was a fairly awesome video game.

Will you be heading underground with Operation Hades?

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