Gale Force Nine Take Over DUST For Operation “Achilles”

July 3, 2013 by brennon

Gale Force Nine took over command of the DUST from Fantasy Flight Games and they have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you plenty of goodies. The first of these are now making their way out to you, starting with Operation "Achilles".

Operation "Achilles" Cover

Bazooka Joe


Operation Achilles (Back)

This new wave sees you fighting over the doomed city of Zverograd...

"The final days of the battle for Zverograd have arrived. The three blocs throw their last forces into Zverograd in a final attempt to take the city—or what’s left of it—no matter the cost. The Doomed City has been transformed into a giant killing field, riddled with minefields, bunkers, trenches, and other fortifications. Life there is cheap: death waits around every corner, in every building."

Operation "Achilles" also adds new elements into your DUST Tactics games including siege warfare and close quarters combat in trench warfare. The story is unfolding quickly in this campaign expansion and both heroes and villains are going to clash in this last ditch attempt to secure crucial points.

Devil Dogs

Devil Dogs Back

As well as Operation "Achilles" DUST will also see the coming of the Devil Dogs and the Der Blitz/Der Adler boxed sets so you can add some much needed foot-slogger power on the ground, and the Axis can call in a fair amount of air support.

Der Blitz & Der Adler

Der Blitz & Der Adler Back

The new box designs have also given a new lease of life to the DUST range with a fully painted version presented on the back to give you a taste of what they could look like when finished up beyond the basic boxed style.

All of this is coming from August time so you have plenty of time to get your army sorted!

Do you think you'll be signing up for this next big operation?

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