Get A Headstart In DUST Tactics Early Next Year

November 20, 2013 by brennon

If you have been pondering and hesitating on the edge before diving into DUST Tactics then it's going to become a lot easier to do so come the beginning of 2014. Battlefront have bought together some awesome looking boxed sets that will get you playing the game in no time.

Allied Taskforce

Axis Battlegroup

SSU Battlegroup

According to the website each of these sets allows you to get started practically right out of the box providing you with a small army to take to the tabletop. As well as the models they are also going to come with terrain, battle mats, and objectives as well as faction specific dice. A pretty awesome entry level leap into DUST it seems.

So if you were wavering about getting into Weird World War this might just be the push you need.

Will you be doing some DUST'ing?

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