DUST: Operation Babylon Kickstarter Now Finished!

June 19, 2014 by lloyd

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It's come down to the last few hours of the DUST: Operation Babylon Kickstarter and it's been absolutely bloody crazy when you think about it! With a pledge total pushing around $500,000 it looks like a lot of people are going to be happily playing both Tactics and Battlefield over the next few months and hopefully years!

Last Few Hours of the Dust Operation Babylon Kickstater


SSU Tanks

“We are in the home stretch with the last few hours counting down and it is your last chance to get in on the DUST Babylon KS.

It closes at 4.30pm EST and all the goals and free items have been unlocked so the main army deal pledge gets you $352 of value for a $150.

There will never be a better time to try out DUST.”

The guys behind DUST have come up with a rather interesting diagram to show you what the sweet spot is for this Kickstarter and I must say that is a LOT of stuff for the pledge amount you're putting in. See what you think...

Recommended Pledge #1

Recommended Pledge #2

Recommended Pledge #3

...and yes that's not three different pledges but in fact one big pledge. Pretty insane I must say and that will be a lot of painting and plastic you have to work with (or not) when the miniatures finally arrive at your door. It's so big I had to cut the damn thing into three just so you could see everything together!

Allied Premium

Axis Premium

SSU Premium

There are also a few of the big premium deals left as pledge levels where you get everything in the pledge painted for you buy the in house studio painters at DUST. That's pretty awesome and would shave a bit of the effort out of getting this army onto the tabletop.

Don't forget of course that you can always enter a competition to try and win your pledge for free with the help of Beasts of War and being a Backstager. You can also download the full rules by following the link HERE if you're a Backstager!

We can't wait to get our hands on some more DUST goodies and it shouldn't be long before the studio if full of walkers, specialist soldiers and heroes duking it out across various battlefields.

What pledge level did you go for?

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