What Machines Hide Behind Dust’s Silhouette Stretch Goals?

May 30, 2014 by dracs

Over in the Kickstarter for Dust: Operation Babylon a pair of stretch goals have just been unlocked, making two new units available as add-ons for the Allies and Soviets.

DUST Spetsnaz Assault Squad

DUST Hot Shot Tank Hunters

Now that these are unlocked, Kickstarter has moved on to a bunch of new stretch-goals, all of which are being teased in the form of intriguing silhouettes.

DUST Axis Mortar Team

DUST Axis Light Walker

DUST SSU Steel Guard Unit

DUST Allied Assault Unit

However, the one that has caught our interest most of all has to be the silhouette of the new SSU Heavy Tank.

DUST SSU Heavy Tank

The gun on that thing is massive! Its inclusion in Dust will make for some heavy artillery action in the game. As of me writing this, the Kickstarter is currently at $250,000, so there is still a fare bit of time until this will appear, but I really hope we will get a better look of it before then.

Will you be chipping into Dust: Operation Babylon?

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