Three New Operation Bablyon Heroes Hit The Table For DUST

April 25, 2016 by brennon

Paolo Parente's DUST welcomes three heroes to the tabletop from Operation Babylon. The SSU, UMSC and Luftwaffe are getting some extra muscle on the tabletop.

Iron Joe

Let's kick things off with Iron Joe...

Iron Joe

"A legend among the GRU Spetsnaz, “Iron Joe” leads all SSU special operations in Africa and the Middle-East at the same time. Which is pretty much all the Soviets can afford in the region, since they fight on too many fronts for their own good.

Definitely one of the craftiest generals on the planet, Kameron makes the best out of it and maintains the pressure with the limited amount of troops he has.

But these are the most elite of soldiers, and their general makes sure that every operation is carefully planned: they make up their number in efficiency."

He is a rather simple looking miniature in terms of his pose but I guess when you're leading a force you simply need to take on a commanding pose and watch as your troops get to work.

Crazy Jimmy

Next up we're looking at Crazy Jimmy who seems to be the opposite of Iron Joe in terms of his personality.

Crazy Jimmy

"The Marines have arrived in the Middle-East! And First Sergeant James Murphy of the United States Marine Corps is going to lead his armored force into whatever situation arises, and come out on top as usual.

This amazing pilot is a ferocious foe for anyone who stands in the way of the might of the Allied army."

I really like this miniature even though his pose isn't too much more animated than Iron Joe. The two guns, with rifle casually leaning on his shoulder makes for quite the character. The painting here giving him the badger-beard adds a lot to his character.

Rolf Samt

Last but not least we have the rather heavily armed Rolf Samt. It seems like as we've gone on the heroes have had decidedly bigger guns.

Rolf Samt

"Elite officer of the Fallschirmjäger Korps of the Luftwaffe, Lieutenant Rolf Sammt has seen action since Operation Mercury, the invasion of Crete in 1941.

Since then he has fought almost everywhere, mostly in the Luftwaffe Field Divisions on the Eastern Front.

With the reactivation of large paratroopers formations and airborne operations, he has been recalled to full Fallschirmjäger duty, where his invaluable experience is passed along to younger generations of Axis jump troops."

A good collection of new heroes. All of them are available in their simple primed form (linked above for each model) although you can get them fully painted in the 'Babylon Pattern' by checking out the webstore HERE.

Which hero would you rally behind?

"The painting here giving him the badger-beard adds a lot to his character..."

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