Prepare to Engage in DUST Warfare!

April 19, 2012 by dracs

Fantasy Flight have announced that the long awaited DUST Warfare rules have now hit the shelves!

Fantasy Flight - Dust Warfare

Now you finally have the chance to play out the large scales battles waging around the world in the Weird World War 2 setting of DUST.

Let the footfalls of your walkers shake the ground and the crack of your guns split the air!

Fantasy Flight - Axis Attack

As a long standing fan of Weird World War settings I am really excited to see these being released. I think they could provide those already into the board game of DUST Tactics with the perfect way to perhaps get into wargaming.

How they hold up to other such Weird World War rule sets out there I don't know.

When you get your hands on them be sure to tell us your impressions.

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