Tanks, Mercenaries & Mortars Coming To DUST: Operation Babylon

June 10, 2014 by brennon

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DUST: Operation Babylon has nine days left on Kickstarter and it's still going very strong. They recently posted a preview of what they hope to be able to share in the coming days in addition to what's already part of pledges!

Mortar Team


USMC Troopers


So it appears as if we're going to be seeing a whole lot more support heading to the battlefield with the Mortar Team and those new USMC troopers with shotguns and flamers (can't beat a bit of flame). Of course no update would truly be good without a massive tank and a massive gun atop such a tank. In a world filled with walkers it's neat to see a more traditional looking tank still being used on the battlefield.

These Mercenaries too, what to make of them? They look fairly awesome even as silhouettes so when we actually get a look at them I imagine we'll be somewhat blown away. As well as all these things to look forward to lets take a look at some of their more recent unlocks too.


Force Recon

Alternate Hero Poses

So alternative hero poses, a massive walker tooled up with lasers and alternate poses for some of the faction heroes to give you a bit more individualism when it comes to your army. All fairly awesome indeed and I can see a lot of DUST armies taking to the battlefield once this is over. Remember the rules for DUST Battlefield rules are FREE and available HERE so go check them out.

Have you been pledging for this one?

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