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Dust To Dust: How To Paint Rusty Armour Plates!


In this episode of Dust to Dust our resident Tank God
takes us through the process of making run down,
rusty, metal armour and plating for your
battle hardened miniatures!

What do you think of the technique?

How To Add Weathering To Your Guns!


In this episode of Dust to Dust we’re showing
you a super fast way to darken down your
guns and make them look like they’ve been
out in the field getting burnt, battered
and beat down!

Dust to Dust: Weathering Axis Armour Plates


The tank god is back for another great episode of Dust to Dust. Get your painting and weathering gear ready as John breaks out his Axis Heavy Walker and shows us how to make a mess of all those armour plates so it looks like it’s been in the wars!