DVG Is Back On Kickstarter With Sherman Leader Card Game

December 19, 2016 by stvitusdancern

DVG (Dan Verssen Games) is back on Kickstarter for another of their "Leader", this time we are being offered Sherman Leader.

Sherman Leader Cover

This is a solo game so you will not have to worry about finding someone to play with. In this game, you are acting as the leader of an American force in any theatre of WWII from North Africa to the Fall of Berlin (the Pacific Campaign is a stretch goal).

In this game, you get to choose the theatre, the mission objective and then finally the makeup of your force using armour, vehicles and infantry. You will also need to pick leaders for each unit and their experience rating will be a factor in accomplishing their mission.

Once you have the units assembled you will layout the hex map and place your unit counters on the starting points and the Germans will do the same. The set-up takes approximately 30 minutes and the game itself takes somewhere between fifteen and thirty minutes. Not too bad of a time investment if I say so myself.

How you activate and the enemy does is by reaction speed and dice rolling. You roll a dice for the Germans and then they have a movement scheme based on the roll. Your fast reaction commanders can move and then the Germans move and then finally the slower acting commanders. Combat is pretty straight forward with dice rolling and comparing attributes between units in combat.

In this game, the enemy is outright destroyed, but your units can suffer battle damage and the effects of it. You can also be destroyed as well with a well-placed shot.  This is supposed to add some more depth to the game.

Included in this campaign is an upgrade kit for Tiger Leader to bring it up to the Sherman Leader rules, I guess there had been some complaints about issues with the Tiger Leader game when it first came out.

Leader Cards

I would love to get my hands of this game and get into the studio so we can film some gameplay as I have seen this game series and I am very curious about it.

Have you played a DVG Leader game?

"...you are acting as the leader of an American force in any theatre of WWII from North Africa to the Fall of Berlin"

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