Dwarf Kings Quest Is announced by Ronnie at Mantic Games

June 24, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Ronnie Renton, President and CEO of Mantic Games has done it again, he has spilled the beans on the upcoming game to be called Dwarf King Quest - The Return of the Necromancer. According to Ronnie this new game will be a complete game in it's self that is also a definitive version of the Dwarf King's Hold.


Also, according to Ronnie, they are looking to fill a niche between the lighter side and darker dungeon explorer games and to create a rich background story to immerse players into. It would also appear that the miniatures are going to come pre-assembled and have a base colour, so they will be ready to be played straight out of the box.


Ronnie goes on to say that the box will contain a second level underneath the base level (figuratively and actually) that will let the players delve even deeper into the game and find further adventures to combat Mortibris and his minions.


Knowing Ronnie and Mantic Games, I see this one being pretty exciting and a great value for all gamers such as their Deadzone has been. Speaking of Deadzone, Ronnie let it known that we will be getting ships for the game! He has further confirmed what we reported to you all from this years' Adepticon, that Warpath is getting a huge reboot. You can read Ronnie's entire blog about the release here.


This is going to be a very exciting year for Mantic Games and I cannot wait to see what else comes our way, what do you think?

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