Dwarven Forge Head Down Into The Kickstarter Caverns

March 14, 2014 by brennon

Dwarven Forge have bought about their next fundraiser where they delve down into dank Caverns beneath the Dwarven realm. See what you think of this awesome looking set.

Caverns Components

Above are the kind of tiles and wall pieces you get in one set, allowing you to build a nice encounter room for your burgeoning dungeon. The painting really brings them to life and generally sets the shiny syndrome going. Let's see what you can make with these tiles and multiple packs...

Caverns 1 Set

Cavern 3 Sets

Caverns 5 Sets

It can certainly go from the rather small and claustrophobic to the expansive. I love the idea of actually being able to play some awesome games on something like this and delve deep in search of treasure and more.

Possibly unsurprisingly the campaign has kicked its target in the gonads and there are plenty of funds drifting around for this one.

Have you delved into their Caverns?

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