What’s 2013 Got in Store for Dystopian Legions

December 21, 2012 by dracs

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Well, the 21/12/2012 is here and, thankfully, so are we! That means we can look forward to all sorts of new goodies in Dystopian Legions in the coming year.

Spartan Games - Covenant of Antarctica Xenophon Class Small Walker

Spartan Games - Kingdom of Britannia and Prussian Artillery

Spartan Games - Republique of France Legionnaire

Spartan Games - Russian Coalition Tikhvin Class Small tank

Spartan Games - Russian Coalition Conscript

As you can see we certainly have some great miniatures to look forward to and these are by no means the only ones we have to look forward to, with other great pieces like the Covenant of Antarctica's ground troops.

Are you guys looking forward to more great miniatures for Dystopian Legions?

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