The 2nd Wave of Dystopian Legions Miniatures Previewed!

November 5, 2012 by brennon

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With those awesome looking Starter Sets out soon for Dystopian Legions it's always good to be looking forwards to what Spartan Games has to offer next. Check out the renders below...

Special Characters & Special Infantry

Specialist and Infantryman - Prussian Empire (top right), Federated States of America (bottom right), Kingdom of Britannia (bottom left), Empire of the Blazing Sun (top left)

Prussian Empire Kettenkarre Tankette (top right), Kingdom of Britannia Basset Tankette (bottom right), Empire of the Blazing Sun Ryuma Steambike (bottom left), Federated States of America Treadbike (top left)

Some awesome looking miniatures making their way to the workbench of the modellers I bet! Who wouldn't want a giant mechanical alligator or a small steampunk tracked motorbike? Spartan certainly have gone to town on the designs for their new Legion miniatures and each has a distinct flavour that sets them apart.

It seems a fair amount of special weapons are on the way for the factions too, swapping out those rifles for something with a bit more punch! I can't wait until they get to the actual tanks from Dystopian Wars and have them added to the mayhem!

What do you think of this sneak peek?

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