The Covenant Of Antarctica Step Into Dystopian Legions

October 24, 2013 by brennon

Spartan Games are adding another faction to the world of Dystopian Legions. This time the Covenant of Antarctica are stomping onto the battlefield behind a rather massive walker...

Covenant of Antarctica Legion Models

Covenant of Antarctica Walker

This faction has always been one that divided people. In a way they were seen as a little bit too Sci-Fi for the battlefield of Dystopian Wars and yet they still retain some Steampunk brilliance when you look at that massive creature stomping over the battlefield chasing that poor trooper.

I personally love them and their almost Dan Brown-esque take on the weird and wonderful. Next they will be firing ice bullets!

The infantry models themselves look like they will be pretty well up to scratch and even though they are renders Spartan Games have been doing well in the conversion of idea to tabletop figure. I'm looking forwards to seeing how they look painted.

Will you be taking them as your Legion of choice?

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