Dystopian Legion Shakes at the Tread of Prussia’s Lucifyre Walker

November 19, 2012 by dracs

Spartan Games have published a quick preview of a new bit of heavy machinery which will be joining the armies of Prussia. The mighty Lucifyre Walker!

Dystopian Legions - Lucifyre Walker

This heavily armed walker of destruction looks to be carrying enough firepower to obliterate a small army, as well as a lot of armour.

However, it certainly doesn't look all that mobile, so it should prove easy to out manoeuvre.

Spartan have also published some images of the painted miniatures, engaged in their steampunk warfare to give you an idea of just how awesome Dystopian Legions will look on the table top.

Dystopian Legions - Blazing Sun vs Brits

Dystopian Legions - America vs Prussians

Dystopian Legions - Prussians vs Brits

If you fancy giving Dystopian Legions a try, be sure to download the rules from Spartan Games for free.

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