Head Up Your Dystopian Legion Forces With New Heroes

July 13, 2013 by brennon

Dystopian Legions is getting some more Sergeants & Specialists and Spartan Games have shown off the Federated States and Empire of the Blazing Sun soldiers which you can see below...

American & Japanese Sergeants

American & Japanese Specialists

As you can see they are all wielding some awesome pieces of technology. I love that the Blazing Sun Sergeant comes with that dragon headed rifle and that the American is kitted out like a medieval knight but with the twist of that nice revolver.

Overall once again it looks like Spartan Games have hit the nail on the head with these specialists and it won't be long until your able to pick these up.

I have been wondering on whether or not Spartan Games could ever team up with the guys behind Bioshock to create those factions for the tabletop. Imagine an underwater based army for Dystopian Legions that could use Big Daddies!

What do you think of the models?

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