It’s Going To Be A Massive February For Dystopian Legions

January 16, 2013 by brennon

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It looks like February is going to be bringing a lot of new miniatures to Dystopian Legions. Check out the fantastic new sets below from Spartan Games, all painted up for your viewing pleasure!

Kingdom of Britannia

Kingdom of Britannia Jetpack Troops

Kingdom of Britannia Machine Gun

Prussian Empire

Prussian Empire Knights

Prussian Empire Machine Gun

Empire of the Blazing Sun

Empire of the Blazing Sun Shinobi

Empire of the Blazing Sun Machine Gun

Federate States of America

Federate States of America Squad

Federate States of America Gun Emplacement

Well that is a pretty fantastic selection for you whatever faction you are going to be playing this year. I'm drawn immediately to the Kingdom of Britannia and their fantastic jetpack troops.

However, the Prussian Teutonic Knights are looking superb and the Federated States have some awesome looking wild men for adding to your battlefield plans.

Overall I think this selection has a lot of potential.

Which is your favourite set?

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