The Russian Coalition Get Ready For Dystopian Scuffle

December 27, 2013 by brennon

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Spartan Games have been showing off some of the models that are coming next year and we've dived in to check out the Dystopian Legions Russian Coalition. See what you think of these bearded Steampunk soldiers.

Russian Coalition Officer

Russian Coalition Squad

Russian Coalition Tank

Not only do they have plans for the infantry of the Russian Coalition but they are making sure that tank hits the tabletop as well. That is quite the ferocious beast but I do love their infantry a lot more than the armour.

I think the models for Dystopian Legions have mostly been top notch, especially the British ones. However as I have been waxing lyrical on them I think the Russians might take a top spot.

I look forward to seeing how they handle the Danish actually. Maybe they will have a good Viking influence?

Have you been playing Dystopian Legions?

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