Russians and French Join the Battles of Dystopian Legions

June 18, 2014 by dracs

Spartan Games have put out a sneak peek for fans of Dystopian Legions of two new foot soldiers, serving in the armies of French and Russians.

Legionnaire and Cossack Militia

With the appearance of these two minis it looks as if the Republique of France and the Russian Coalition will soon be joining in the 32mm steampunk game, set in the same world as Dystopian Wars.

Each of these infantrymen has a sculpt that is highly characteristic of their respective country. The Legionnaire is reminiscent of what you might expect of the French Foreign Legion, while the only thing the Cossack is missing is a bottle of vodka.

Both of the models are superb, although their poses are somewhat dull. Still, they are just the basic troopers, so it will be exciting to see what else these factions have up their sleeves.

Will you side with the French, or answer the call of Mother Russia?

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