Spartan Games Create a Geek Dream. Flying Samurai!

September 1, 2013 by dracs

Recently we saw a bunch of the new jump troops which will be flying into Dystopian Legions soon. But what's this? Look up in the Spartan Games sky. It's a bird! It's a plane! IT'S FLYING SAMURAI!

Rocket Corps Samurai

I think it is a widely accepted fact (at least in Geek culture) that a Samurai is among the most bad ass people ever! Now Spartan Games have given them wings. I think we have just reached new heights of awesome.

The Rocket Corps Samurai will soon be joining the Empire of the Blazing Sun's 28mm land battles. The sculpts do a good job in keeping the authentic and recognisable style of the Samurai, while also updating to steampunk glory.

I think the last words of a heck of a lot of the other factions is going to be something like "Wow, that is aweso... ohmywordhe'sstabbedmethroughthechest!"

You might have guessed that I like these. Will anyone else be swooping in for these sky samurai?

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