Spartan Take a Look Inside the Dystopian Legions Starter Sets

November 2, 2012 by brennon

Spartan Games have been taking a look at the inside of the Dystopian Legions Starter Sets. Check out the wealth of content you get inside each set, it certainly looks like great value for money...

Dystopian Legions Starter Set Contents

First up we have this image showing off just how much you get inside one of their kits! That's a seriously large amount of kit and it all looks pretty damn professional to boot. Even the Quick Play rulebook looks to have a glossy high quality touch to it. Of course every set is going to get this with the obvious difference of the miniatures...

Empire of the Blazing Sun Contents

Federated States of American Contents

Kingdom of Britannia Contents

Prussian Empire Contents

Do you think that you'll be picking one of these up when the game launches? I imagine a lot of people might see these sets and start their pre-orders! Personally I think I'll be plumping for the Kingdom of Britannia, got to keep it patriotic! Although saying that the Prussian Empire set with those mighty suited individuals is looking pretty cool.

What do you think of these Starter Sets?

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