Spartan Show the Sidekicks of Dystopian Legions

December 23, 2014 by dracs

Spartan Games have new miniatures preparing for Dystopian Legions and have shown off two of the sidekicks accompanying the heroes onto the battlefield.

First up is Irene "The Bear" Povlenko, accompanying The Butcher of Minsk for The Russian Coalition.

Irene The Bear Povlenko

Irene is called The Bear for good reason. This is one large woman, looming over her partner and getting ready to drive her fist through anyone who dares approach. She adds a great element of brawn to this team up.

Colonel MacDonald of the Kingdom of Britannia is not to be outdone though, as he is now accompanied by his gentleman's gentleman Jenkins.


Jenkins looks every inch the perfect British butler, only with the addition of an apparently steam powered serving set. I'm hoping that this fellow will turn out to be Jeeves from the P. G. Wodehouse books, being the true mastermind behind the Colonel's plans.

Think you'd take a sidekick with you to Dystopian Legions?

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