Spartan Games Preview Both French & Antarctican Aggressors!

September 13, 2014 by brennon

Spartan Games have shown off some of the miniatures that are going to be present in the new starter box for both the Republique of France and the Covenant of Antarctica. See what you think of these two factions and then let us know which one is your favourite for Dystopian Legions!

Republique of France

Covenant of Antarctica

So as you can see you not only get a shot of the Legionnaires but also the Marines for the French alongside some of the Support Weapons and Commandos that will be heading into battle for the Covenant of Antarctica. I have to say despite some of the cool French troops I do tend to favour the look and feel of the Covenant and since they are also getting a kind of robot for the battlefield they might be my faction of choice.

Which side would you join?

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