Troops of France and Russia March Upon Dystopian Legions

July 22, 2014 by dracs

Two units of the new French and Russian Dystopian Legions factions are marching out  and being paraded by Spartan Games for all to see.

With their blunderbuss blazing, here come the Cossacks of the Russian Coalition.

Russian Coallition Cossacks

Given their weapon of choice, these troops obviously like to get in close to the enemy and are apparently rather good at getting stuck into melee combat.

Opposed to the Russian's brutal blunderbuss, the French Legionnaires run in with their bayonet fixed machine guns.

French Legionnaires

The Legionnaires have a very different style to their Russian equivalents, but they also have one extra element of mystery to them. Just what have they got in that box?

Would you choose to side with the Russians or the French?

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