Dystopian Wars Gets Major Update

December 21, 2011 by brennon

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We are loving Dystopian Wars right now here at Beasts of War. A great mix of steam-punk and science fiction with just the right amount of historical clout to make a great game. So, when Spartan Games released information on major changes we had to have a look at what's been happening and how it will effect the game in the future.

In a post on their blog Spartan Games discussed the 'State of The Nations' and a few more interesting rules for the countries battling for global domination. Check out a few of them below...

Prussian Empire

From this point onward ALL Prussian Empire Tesla and Tesla Coils weapons have the following Model Assigned Rule (MAR) associated with them (regardless of whether it is listed on the Stat Card owned by the player, or not):

REDOUBTABLE: Any weapon with the Redoubtable Model Assigned Rule only reduces its Attack Dice (AD) by 1 for every 2 Hull Points (HP) of damage taken.

Empire of the Blazing Sun

From this point onward ALL Empire of the Blazing Sun Naval models have the following Model Assigned Rule associated with them (regardless of whether it is listed on the Stat Card owned by the player, or not):

SHARP TURN: This model can Turn during the minimum move made at the beginning of its activation, rather than moving DIRECTLY ahead.

Kingdom of Britannia

As well as this, the Kingdom of Britannia has been granted access to new Guardian Generators. These allow for shielding just like the normal Shield Generators but also cast out an aura of defence to protect other members of the fleet. You can read more about the rules in detail on their blog post.

So, as well as some of the countries getting technological advancements a mass of Errata has been done for the game detailing changes both simple, and more complex in 'Fate of the Nations'.

From now on, all ships will have to make their minimum movement straight forward unless otherwise stated on their cards. As you can see this is why the new clarification had to be made for the Empire of the Blazing Sun. This however, is one of the more soft changes to the game.

Spartan Games have also released a mass of pdf documents detailing changes to Stat Cards for ships in every fleet. You can find all the links at the bottom of their blog post here, effectively clarifying the rules from previous iterations. Model Assigned Rules have also been changed and clarified, making things easier for us as gamers in the long run.

More changes are on the cards for Tiny Flyers, Morale Tests and Field Orders.

Don't forget, there are also a selection of Mega Bundles on sale from Spartan Games to get your fleets ready for the Christmas season!

What do you think of these new changes, is there anything you have spotted that really changes your game plan? Let us know below.

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