Massive Dystopian Wars Releases from Spartan

January 23, 2012 by brennon

As the title says, these literally are massive releases from Spartan Games. We saw previews of them over the last few months but now they are finally going on sale. Check out the new Dystopian Wars releases below...

Alamo Airfield

Brunel Airfield

Epicurus Sky Fortress

Herodotus Airfield

Illustrious Sky Fortress

Kagoshima Mobile Airfield

Kiyohime Class Carrier

Rhine Fleet Carrier

Savanna Sky Fortress

Seydlitz Mobile Airfield

So all those massive models you wanted to get on the table top, are now up for grabs. Such a crazy list of steam punky miniatures and with some crazy designs that should look fantastic painted up.

Any of these going to feature in your Dystopian Wars armies?

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