The Massive Kagoshima Mobile Airfield from Spartan

November 17, 2011 by brennon

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We're thinking that even Indiana Jones would have trouble with this particular Temple of Doom from Spartan Games...check out the Kagoshima Mobile Airfield below.

Kagoshima Class Mobile Airfield Top

Kagoshima Airfield Seperated

Kagoshima Airfield Front-Inside

Kagoshima Airfield Comparison

Now that is one massive piece of kit. Made of masses of Sturginium reinforced metal this monster of a walker serves as the linchpin of any ground offensive by the Empire of the Blazing Sun. Equipped with turrets, broadsides, and incendiary rockets this thing will be dealing out a mighty amount of punishment.

The detail of the model is pretty incredible, with the delicately modelled Shinto Shrine atop the massive hanger bay which launches the tiny fighters. I would imagine many a Blazing Sun general will be picking this up.

What do you make of this monster vehicle?

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