More Mobile Airfields from Spartan Games

November 24, 2011 by brennon

We have seen quite a few previews of airfields for the different countries/factions in Dystopian Wars from Spartan Games. This time its the day of the Covenant of Antarctica and Prussian Empire. Check out their previews below...

First up is the spider-like Herodotus Class Mobile Airfield for the Covenant...

Herodotus Class Airfield Front

Herodotus Class Airfield Front 2

Herodotus Class Mobile Airfield Detail

Herodotus Class Airfield Leg Detail

Not bad looking at all. Bristling with weapons. But the Prussians have their own power house to get their fliers into the middle of the action. Below is the Seydlitz Class Mobile Airfield...

Seydlitz Class Airfield Front

Seydlitz Class Airfield Top View

Seydlitz Class Airfield Seperated Components

A massive, rolling iron cross showing some Prussian dominance on the land based theatre of war. These things are seemingly going to be great hunks of resin and it will be fantastic to actually get our hands on them and see the modelling that goes into these models.

Have these twisted your arm into looking at Dystopian Wars more closely?

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