New Prussian Carrier Gets Tested the Metgzer Way

October 24, 2011 by brennon

Some more amazing previews from Dystopian Wars today from Spartan Games. Check out the mighty Rhine Class Fleet Carrier below firstly...

With Tesla weaponry, massively devastating broadsides within range band one and great supporting power its a great sea bound addition to the Prussian Fleet.

But surely any ship worth its salt should be tested to the greatest lengths? Well, Metgzer has that job it seems!

As you can see the Rhine Class Fleet Carrier is more than sturdy enough. I wonder if this is how all naval ships are tested in the Dystopian Wars fluff?

Oh and no, there won't be a Metgzer surfing model in production, even if it would be rather fun.

Any of you guys Prussian players, and do you approve of this new carrier?

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